A Stellar Community Experiment.

Pass on the Torch.

Show the Stellar strength.

The stellartorch
A social experiment on Stellar network
The Stellar Torch is a transaction that is sent from person to person. Just like a relay baton. Every torch bearer is responsible to send the torch to someone he knows and trusts. The map above shows where the torch has traveled to until now.
The torch is sent through the Stellar Network, an open network for storing and moving money at almost zero cost.
What do torch bearers do?
  1. Every holder will publicly ask someone to receive the torch, using the #Stellartorch. After receiving confirmation, he will send the torch. The sender is responsible for picking a trustworthy receiver that will not run away with the torch.
  2. In the memo field of the transaction, the sender puts their geographical coordinates in this format: [52.370216,4.895168]. You can see find coordinates here (https://www.latlong.net).
  3. The receiver picks a person to send the torch to next and announces this publicly on Twitter, using the hashtag: #Stellartorch.
Let's travel the whole world!
Be the first to send the torch to a country and you'll earn a spot in this hall off fame.